Definitely you don’t want to hurt the person and on a second thought, you really want to breakup up with him/her. Well, you just arrived at the right site, so don’t bother yourself. We got you covered, I’m going to show you the smart tricks to breakup with someone you love without hurting the person.

You must have been thinking of how to go about the whole thing for sometime now. Well, staying in a relationship that is leading nowhere doesn’t make sense, irrespective of the love. You really have to move on to the next level, which is what I’m here to help you achieve.

Breaking up with someone you love without hurting the person can only be achieve by those who are smart enough. Every relationship must not end up with (it’s over between us). You can actually leave, without any signals, and the person will be like, did I just breakup with him/her?

When I got tired of my ex, I used these tricks I’m about to share with you right now to breakup with him. And guess what? He never noticed that I was going to breakup with him, I did everything in a smart way. So, that’s exactly what I’m going to show you now, how you can easily breakup with someone without hurting the person.

Now let’s go straight to the point, all I want you to do right now is to calm down and read carefully. Follow the step by step guide as shown here, trust me” you will definitely walk away without hurting the person you love.

Smart Tricks To Breakup With Someone You Love


1. Limit the communication;  This is the best trick to breakup with someone you love without hurting the person. But you really don’t have to rush things, first of all you have to start by ignoring him or her. Not like you aren’t gonna be calling, chatting or talking to the person, hell no.


  1. if you guys do talk over the phone on daily basis, start by calling ones in two to three days. Ignore his or her calls with excuses of being busy.
  2. Always give the person different excuses, why you aren’t available as usual. Don’t say the words in a hard toon, always apologize and continue giving him or her a mile.
  3. Reply his/her chat very late, if the person send you a message on social media today, then reply tomorrow. And not sounding romantic as usual.
  4. Don’t push it too hard, just make it in a way he or she won’t notice okay? It’s a gradual something. That’s if you really want to breakup with someone you love without hurting the person.

2. Stop seeing the person ; Just as I said earlier, you must be very smart to achieve this. When I mean stop seeing the person, you don’t have to quit (boom) no, do it in a gradual way. If you guys o see ones in two days, make it ones in a week. With time you keep exceeding it. Till he/she get tired of the attitude and give you a mile too.

Ones done, it’s over. No one is ready to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t give them attention. So, if you are looking for the smart tricks to breakup with someone you love without hurting the person. Then, ingnoring the person in a smart way is the only way out, remember” only the smart ones can achieve this. And I believe that you are smart, so you can do it perfectly.

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