How To Propose A Girl ( Perfect Steps)

If you are searching for how to propose a girl” perfect steps to follow to make it romantic. Then you just arrived at the right site. With these great tips, you can easily propose to her romantically and she won’t hesitate to say “YES” to you. Love is a beautiful thing, more especially when you are with the right person.

Now, before I outline these steps to follow to propose a girl and she will be the happiest girl on earth that day. I want you to make sure she is the right girl for you.

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Before you proceed to propose a girl, ensure both of you are good to go. Make sure she’s the girl you truly love and no one is forcing you to marry her. To avoid hurting yourself.

If you are very sure that the girl you are about to propose to, is the right person for you. Then continue reading to know how to propose to a girl in a romantic and amazing manner. And in such a way that she won’t forget the day you proposed to her in a hurry.

How To Propose A Girl” Perfect Steps To Follow

1. State the perfect day to propose to her; Now the first thing you should be thinking of is the day you will propose to her. That faithful day you will tell her to be your one and only, and make you happy for the rest of your life. If you have figure out the day, then by what time? You really have to set your time to make things workout perfectly.

2. Take her out to a very nice place; The next thing is to invite her over to the place you want to stay and propose to her. You have to tell her earlier, that you would like to hangout with her that planned date and time. She won’t say no anyways, girls like hanging out, more especially with their man.

3. Decorate the place you want to stay and propose to her: Make sure the place is well decorated. Though it’s not a must” but try to make it look good. If it is a restaurant, let it be a very nice one, so that she will be so amazed.

4. Buy a very nice ring: In case you forget, let me remind you that you can’t propose a girl without presenting a ring to put on her finger.

When thinking of how to propose a girl, you have to get your quality ring ready. So that you will put it in her finger when she finally says yes to your proposal.

5. Neel down as shown in the picture and ask her “will you marry me?: Here is the final stage, during a conversation in the place you invited to hang out with you. Just make it as a surprise, let it come as a surprise to her. And guess what? She will definitely say YES to you.

Now you have seen how to propose a girl. But This steps can perfectly worry if you have been dating her, you can’t meet a girl today and propose to her tomorrow.

How To Toast A Girl [ And Win Her Heart]

If you are searching for how to toast a girl and win her heart instantly without any stress. Then I’m glad you are here toady, because that girl you wanna win her heart is already yours. A lot of guys are having this challenge of wooing a girl, probably they are shy. Or they wouldn’t know what to tell the girl when they stop her. But don’t worry if you are the kind of person, it’s not your fault, it can happen to anyone.

I have seen seen so many guys who can’t woo a girls they love so much, so you are not the only one. And believe me, this article will help you achieve this without any stress, just calm down and read it.

Before I proceed to telling you how to toast a girl and win her heart, and would like to let you know that there are two kinds of girls and tricks to win their hearts & love is different. Some girls are after money and the best way to win their heart and love is by giving them money. Mostly these kind of girl are seen in African countries, e. g Nigeria and Ghana etc.

While some are after your love and body, you can easily win their hearts and love by giving them attention and showing them love. Mostly found in United States, India, Canada etc. So I believe you know where you reside, and that will help you woo a girl and win her love fast. Now see the tricks to make them love you, before spending on them or showing them love.

Best Tricks To Toast A Girl And Win Her Heart

Here is the best tricks you can easily follow to toast a girl and win the heart of any girl, without any stress.

1. Make her your  Friend: Don’t be too shy to make her your close friend, start by asking her name. That’s if you don’t know, collect her phone number and call her to know how she’s doing. That’s the first step to make her fall inlove with you, try calling her on daily basis.

2. Dress very well and smell nice:  Girls don’t joke with guys who look good and smell nice, they can go extra mile to have you. So, you really have to work on yourself, if you really want to woo and girl and win her heart. She won’t even hesitate to respond to you, if you are looking good and smelling fresh too.

3. Take her out for a lunch: Having a lunch with her will be a great time to tell her how beautiful she is. And how much you love and would like to date her. Say sweet things to her, it makes girls go crazy. So tell her lots of sweet words, and make her blush.

4. Be yourself: Don’t lie to her about whom you are, in the name of winning her heart. She may hate you when she finally find out, tell her the fact about you.

And please, do not tell her everything about you or disclose your family matters to her. It will make you loose self-respect, so don’t try it.

If she doesn’t accept you, don’t loose hope yet, if you truly love her. Girls can form sometimes, she may be like,.. Let me know if he really love and want me as he said.

Continue the calling, until she submit and start doing the calling. Then you will find out that you have woo and win her heart.

How To Flirt With A Guy (Perfect Steps)

If you are searching for how to flirt with a guy, perfect steps to follow  to make him fall deeply inlove with you without him noticing that you are crushing on him. And desperately want to flirt with him, then are lucky to be here today.

Flirting with a guy and making him fall deeply inlove with you is very easy, if you can calm down and read this tricks very well. Then you will win his heart in a twinkle of an eye, and flirt with him

Boys are very easy to attract, there are so many ways you can achieve this without talking to him. or without him knowing that you desperately want to flirt with him.

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Without wasting any of your time, I’m going to teach you how to flirt with a guy” and perfect steps to follow to attract him fast.

 Now let me tell you this, don’t be too shy to open up your feeling for someone. He may also love you more, but wouldn’t know how to talk to you.

Friendshipis very fun and romantic, more especially when you meet a boy who is soo cute and intelligent. Someone who loves you too, just like Romeo and Juliet, most times it do lead to marriage.

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So if you have been looking for means to make him fall deeply inlove with you and you alone, then I’m glad you are here. Because with this tricks, he is all yours.

How To Flirt With A Guy Perfect Steps To Follow?


Stage 1

Make him your friend: You can’t flirt with a guy without communicating with him. To achieve this, you make him your friend. Example. Hey Henry, how are you? Don’t push it more than that. Just pretend not to have anything in mind to avoid any form of suspect.

Stage 2

Always dress very nice: your look is the first thing that will attract him to you. So you have to try and dress very well and smell nice too, always iron your clothes if you don’t. Guys are attracted with what they see, so you really have to work on your self in that aspect.

Stage 3

Put a smile on your face each time you see him: Putting a smile on your face when you see him,will  make him feel loved, but won’t think you want to flirt with him.

Stage 4

Self confidence: don’t push it harder, always have self confidence & self respect. Don’t make him have this feelings that you are crushing on him. It might make you loose self-respect if the guy doesn’t love you in return.

So try to be yourself, dress very nice, and make him your friend. That’s the easiest way to flirt with a guy without even telling him that you are inlove with him. Just allow him to see the beauty in you.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to use the comment section below to ask, as the admin is always there to respond to you.

3 Amazing Signs He Loves You Deeply

It is obvious that a lot of people are finding it difficult to know someone who truly love and appreciate them. But here we have 3 amazibg signs he loves you deeply or trying to deceive you with fake love. Due to the high level of corruption, cheating, lies and scam. A lot of people, more especially the youths are finding it very difficult to figure out someone who truly love them.

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So if you are reading this right now, probably you are also looking for the same tricks. Now don’t panic anymore, we have got you covered. With these proven ways, you can easily dictate someone who truly love and appreciate you.


The main reason why it is very hard to know the sign he loves you deeply, Is simply because the person will pretend to love you by all means. Thereby putting you in a state of dilemma. Most times it becomes something unpredictable, because of the kind of attitude the person will show you.

Before I disclose these 3 amazing ways to know if a man loves you deeply, I will like to briefly tell you a story. This is not just a story to keep you reading, rather a story that will explain more about the tricks. And you will learn few things from it, now here it goes.

A Brief Story To Know If Someone Loves You


A lady met her new lover on social media (Facebook) after she broke up with her ex she love so much. Now the the guy was so caring that he calls more than 5times in a day. Usually wake her up with sweet test massages, when they are yet to meet.

Now after having good time (s3x) with her, he ended the relationship instantly. Saying that she’s not good in bed, that she can’t satisfied him. When all her thought was that she has finally found someone who loves her. I won’t be going deeper in the story, let me go ahead and tell you the tricks.

The 3 Amazing Signs He Loves You Deeply


1. The Way he talks to you; This the first thing you should observe when you are trying to figure out the signs he  loves you deeply. Anyone who truly love you will stand by you, respect your opinion and decision.

2. The person will be proud of you: Anyone who is for real in your life will be super proud of you. He won’t hesitate to introduce you to his family and friends. So anyone who can’t do that, maybe playing on you, thereby trying to use and dump you.

3. He will plan feature with you: Anyone who isn’t planning feature with you,may be planning it with another person. Someone who truly loves you, will always plan feature with you.


Any man who loves you will always respect your decisions and won’t be too fast to sleep with you. He will treat you like an egg, knowing fully well he can’t afford to lose you to another man. Don’t rush into any man, try to figure out his mission in your life first.

How To Make A woman Fall Deeply Inlove With You

This is the best tricks to make a woman fall deeply inlove with you, to an extent people around would think you used charm on her. A lot of guys are finding it very difficult to make a woman love them, even when they have what it takes to go. But they wouldn’t know how to go about it, probably they are shy or boring to deal with.

Because women doesn’t like boring guys, that’s just their nature. Nevertheless, I will teach you how to make a woman fall deeply inlove with you today” that after reading & applying what you are going to learn today, you will come back and testify it to others. This is a tested trick you can easily use to get any woman of your choice, at anytime.

How To Make A woman Fall Deeply Inlove With You


Making a woman to fall deeply inlove with you is very easy, yes” its easy, it doesn’t matter whether you are rich or not, handsome or whatever you can think of, that may be what makes a woman fall deeply inlove with a guy.

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I’m a woman, so I know what can trigger us, what can make a woman fall deeply inlove with you” to an extent you will even be confused about the kind of love the girl have for you.

Without wasting any of your time” I’m going to share with you the best tricks you will use to make any woman fall deeply inlove with you, in a twinkle of an eye. But please, do not turn to a play boy after reading this, and find out that any woman you approach accept and fall for you. Now here is it

5 Easy Tricks To Make A woman Fall Deeply Inlove With You


1. Always Tell her how beautiful and intelligent she is ; this is the first conversation you should have with her, more especially if it’s the first time of meeting her. Don’t just tell her that she’s beautiful, it’s not enough” as soon as she respond to your greeting and knowing her name and all that, find a single thing to make her have this feelings of being intelligent. And gusss what?? She will be like,… Oops” I’m blushing, that’s not really because you told her how beautiful she is, definitely she have been hearing that from different guys.

But because you said she’s intelligent too, and she’s gonna feel so superior in a special way, and that begins the journey of her having this thought of (he said I’m beautiful and intelligent). So to make a woman fall deeply inlove with you, you have to be smart enough to know words that’s gonna make her feel so special when you say them to her.

2. Make out time to play & gist with her; this is just their painkiller, hahahaha. Believe me, making out time to play and gist with a woman is gonna make her loose guide on you, so if you are looking for how to make a woman fall deeply inlove with you” don’t ever forget this trick, it is very important. Women doesn’t like boring guys, the really want someone who’s gonna treat them like an infant.

So, to achieve this you gonna learn how to play and gist with her, this will also make her fall deeply inlove with you and always feel like staying around you for more, just be fun to be with” that’s all.


If she is not the type that loves playing or gisting, then try taking her out. And also figure out what she likes most, so that you can play along.

3. Care for her family: what do I mean by this right? Hey dear, when ever you are with her, do ask about her parents & siblings (if she have) how they are doing, and if possible address her family as your in-laws *wink*. That will make her feel on top of the world, this is gonna make her believe that you really care about her, and not just her alone & her family.

But please, don’t promise her marriage if you know you aren’t gonna marry her,, to avoid coming back here to announce to us that we put you into trouble. Just make her believe that you are the best for her, and no other person.

4. Learn to dress very Well, (if you don’t know how to): Some guys are not just good at dressing very well at all, try to figure out clothes that complement with each other, more especially when you are hanging out with her, give her reasons to believe that her man is the best among all, admire her dressings, while she admire yours, tell her how beautiful she look on the dress she wore. This will make her feel so comfortable and special.

Just try to upgrade in your mood of dressing, if you are a bad dresser, dressing very well can draw a woman’s attention to you, and it may lead to falling inlove with you.

        Make Money

5. Make money (be a rich dude): I never wanted to add this, but I think it’s an obvious truth, though it may sound so discouraging if you are broke (poor), but like seriously I’m not trying to do so.

Just few days ago, I was discussing with my female friends about a girl of 19yrs who got married to a man of 69yrs because of money, and as a matter of fact she’s married as a 6th wife. Do you know what my friends said about it?  All of them were saying that they can marry a man of 90yrs and be the 15th wife, as long as the man is a billionaire.

So that’s the power of money, money can actually make a woman fall deeply inlove with you, and even when you say it’s over between us, she will will come back begging and crying to have you back. To make a woman go madly and not just deeply inlove with you, you need to hustle and make money, among every trick listed here and else were, money remains the ultimate trick to make a woman fall deeply inlove with you fast, but if you don’t have money, you really need to have sweet words that’s gonna make them go gaga for you.

7 Easy Ways To Get Over A Crush

The 7 easy ways to get over a crush you love so much and move on with your life fast. Definitely you love your crush so much and saying good bye becomes a word that you really can’t say so easily. Even when you try to let it go” you can’t see yourself getting over him or her.

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It can happen to anyone” but your ability to figure out how to let it go and go forever, becomes the next option. Today I will show you the easy ways to get over a crush you love so much, and move on with your life.

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Relationship is a beautiful thing to go into, but when it turn out to be ugly, good bye becomes the saddest word to say. A lot of people are battling with this thought, after a breakup you will start thinking of how to get over him or her. The things you both shared, promises made, and how both of you vow never to leave each other.

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Sweetheart for you to get over a crush, you really have to stop thinking of those things, they are your past, and past should be left behind.

Though there are things that may lead to breaking of those promises made initially. But one thing you should have at the back of your mind is that (what will be, will surely be). If both of you are not meant for each other, definitely there is nothing you can do about it. Now let’s go straight to the point.

7 Easy Ways To Get Over A Crush


1.  Find something doing, if you are jobless: keeping yourself busy is one of the best ways you can get over a crush fast. When your mind is occupied with your career and how to make more money, believe me you will get over him/her.

More especially when you go out everyday, meet people, gist with them when you are less busy and make new friends” that will make you forget your past so easily.

2. Give him or her a distance : yes” you really have to stop keeping in touch with him/her, how do you expect getting over a crush you love so much when you still calling him/her on phone, both of you still chat on social media? No way, you will keep thinking about the person.

Now for you to get over him/her instantly, kindly block all means of communication until you can’t see yourself remembering the person, I’m not trying to create enmity between you and you ex, rather means to get over him/her fast. Maybe when you finally forget everything, you can still call him/her.

3. Delete all his or her pictures in your mobile phone or PC;  you can’t be looking at your boyfriend or girlfriend pictures in your mobile phone or PC, all the time and still expect getting over the person fast, it won’t work, for you to get over a crush, you have to delete your ex pictures in your mobile phone, or PC first ” before deleting his/her pictures in your mind.

4. Be strong : When love is gone, you really have to be strong, don’t let your past ruin your future. Let things go, and have the mind set that both of you are not meant for each other, believe that God have something far better than what you lost.


Breaking up with your ex is not the end of your life, just try and work on yourself with these 7 easy ways to get over a crush as listed above and you will get over your crush soon and meet the right person who make you happy for the rest of life. commit suicide because your rich, beautiful or handsome lover broke up with you, then he/ she will come to you burial with another person, #fact.

Don’t kill yourself over relationship, try and make yourself happy.

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