Top 5 Perfect Ideas For How To Propose (with examples)

Here is my top 5 perfect ideas for how to propose (with examples) that will help you make it more romantic and dramatic. Definitely you have found the right person and you are looking forward to saying I do, in no distance time.

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Well, that’s a very nice step to take. More especially when you find someone who makes you feel on top of the world, a lady who understand you. And can be able to tolerate your perfect and imperctions.

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Someone who can stand by you during the thick and thin. If you have found that special one, then I will go ahead and show you the ideas for how to propose . And also provide you with examples that will help you make the proposal romantic and memorable.

Top 5 Perfect Ideas For How To Propose (with examples)


Here is the perfect propose ideas that you can easily follow to make your proposal memorable and worth immitating.

1. Restaurant ideas propose; Here is the best and most propose idea place you can easily stay and propose to your lady. When I mean restaurant, it’s not a local one. A lot of guys who want to make their proposal romantic and memorable take their wife-to-be out on a lunch or dinner to a very nice restaurant and propose to her.

A lot of people are asking of the right time to propose to a girl in the restaurant? Before or after the meal.

I have seen so many people proposing to their women before the meal, and I think that’s the perfect idea. Don’t wait till she’s done eating, just do that before eating. And trust me, all everyone in restaurant is gonna be staring at you guys like wow. It’s amazing, romantic and memorable to propose in a restaurant.

2. Birthday ideas propose; This proposal idea is rare because most guys can’t wait till their girls birthday. But trust me it’s the best propose idea you can ever imagine. Can you imergine saying happy birthday to your girlfriend and ask her will you marry me ?

That will be so amazing and the most memorable proposal you can ever think of. Trust me, each time she remember her birthday she will recall that you proposed to her on her birthday.

3. Home propose idea; This is a simple and easy propose idea. In home proposal all you need to do is to intive her over to your place, and ask her to marry you.

But before this, you can’t just invite her over to your place and ask her “Will you marry me” no. First of all, you need to decorate your dinning table with an amazing food or fruits, to sit her down when she come.

You have to make more romantic, knowing fully well why you are doing the decoration. When she come around, serve her the meal and present her with the surprise.

Trust me, she will be so very surprise and won’t hesitate to say yes to you.

4. Beach idea propose;  this idea propose is very fun and memorable. A lot of guys are proposing to their girls in the beach. More especially those who like visiting be the beach occasionally.

This idea propose is very easy, all you need to do is to hangout with your girl to a nearby beach. Play with her in the beach and propose to her along the line. And she won’t. Trust me, she won’t forget the beach and the day you proposed to her in that beach in a hurry.

5. Public ideas propose; this may sound funny, but it’s wonderful and super amazing to propose to your girl in public. A guy who proposed to her long time girlfriend in a public not quit long ago got everyone talking. So if you are searching for ideas for how to propose, then look into this idea

Here is the top 5 perfect ideas for how to propose with examples that will help you get started. With these amazing ideas your proposal will definitely be memorable.

New Method To Keep Your Husband Sexually Satisfied

If you are looking for means to satisfy your partner sexually and make him think of no other woman except you. Then, here is the new method to keep your husband sexually satisfied. And guess what? He will never look at another woman’s face.

Believe me, with this new method of satisfying your husband s3xually” you can easily win any man’s heart. If you are reading this, and you’re not married. Probably you are in a relationship with someone, trust me’ after applying this new method on him. That your partner will rush and settle down with you, because he won’t afford to lose you.

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Irrespective of your beauty or good character as a woman, if you are not keeping your husband sexually satisfied, he will get tired of you easily. Men doesn’t joke with any women who satisfy their sexual urge, they can go extra mile to keep the person.

A lot of families are crashing today because of inability to satisfy their partner. He will definitely cheat on you, if you can’t satisfy him sexually, and there are thousands of ladies out there who can do your job very well.

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Without wasting any of your time, with step by step guide, I’m going to show you how I satisfy my husband sexually and make him scream my name anytime we are having s3x. Don’t rush, read carefully

New Method To Keep Your Husband sexually satisfied


To make sweet love to your husband and make him scream your name during love making. You have to start by kissing his lips carelessly, make sure you hold him tight and plant a kiss on his lips.

Gently push him in the bed, if he isn’t. Make sure you aren’t wearing your panties and bra, let him watch you undress yourself and stand n*ked before him. Help him undress himself too.

Now that both of you are n*ked, hold him very tight, let the smoothness of your skin touching each other be heart warming. Lay on the bed hugging each other very tight, then rub him with your breasts, kiss him and gently go on top of him.

Start sucking his nipples one after another, men breasts are so sensitive to them. They love it when you suck it, then make him lie on his back, gently kneel down and start sucking his p*nis. Lick it like an ice cream, make it full your mouth, and start sucking already hard d!ck. Men love it when their woman lick that ball, you know what I mean right?

Suck the two balls like your life depends on it and watch him scream your name if you do it greatly. Remember, here is the new method to keep your husband sexually satisfied , if you can’t satisfy your husband then another woman will do it for you.

Continue for more.

Now call him sweet name, and tell him to lie on the bed, and climb him like you are about to ride a hose. Then ride on him, grind on his penis, bounce on him very well. You can even tweak his d!ck too, make him ask for more. Then lie in doggy style let him take you from the back and see your fresh bumbum very well. Make sure your chest touches the bed, so that he can bang you very well.

Tell him to insert his d!ck with force so that it can touch all the walls of your pussy. As he move his d!ck in and out of your pussy, help him by raising your hips too. So that you will scream with pleasure and he will enjoy every bit of it, make sure you scream with a romantic tone, so that he will feel great.

Call him romanic names and tell him to f!ck you harder, tell him how sweet he is, it’s another way of turning him on. Men love to hear you scream their name when they are making love to you, it’s another way of turning them on. S3x without talking and screaming is no s3x, so whisper in his ears those words that can make him go gaga. E.g Baby you are my king, my super hero, I will love you forever, you are the best honey etc.

When he finally release, help him freshen up and make him feel great, with this new method to keep your husband sexually satisfied, trust me” he will never look for s3x elsewhere. Try it today and see how fast it works.

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3 Smart Ways To Get Your Ex Back

Hey sweetheart, have you been looking for means to get back to your amazing ex you love so much?  Definitely the answer is yes. Let me not conclude yet, but if I’m right, then here is the 3 smart ways to get your ex back. And guess what? He or she will be the one to apologize to you, that’s if you aren’t the one at fault. Let me not promise you heaven on earth.

Do you know that after breaking up with your ex, that’s when you will realize how much you love him or her? Yes it do happen to so many people .That’s why you should love and value what you have, so that you won’t lose it and start regretting it.

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But nevertheless, I will show you my smart ways of getting your ex back and you will be very surprise about it. All my friends that applied these method I’m about to show you now got back their ex back. just few days after doing what I told them to do.

So yours won’t be an exceptional, unless you didn’t do what you are being told to do. Or you have created a serious enmity between you and that your ex, which I think you can’t do. Yes” I said so because, for you to come here searching for ways to get your ex back. Definitely you love the person so much, that you can’t do anything to hurt him or her.

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Probably you may be thinking that I want to give you a charm to get back your ex, hell no” look at the amazing smart tricks below and read carefully.

3 Smart Ways To Get Your Ex Back


1. Upload a beautiful picture of yourself on social media: I know this may sound funny right? Lol, but it’s a smart trick to get your ex back. My friends who tried this method when there lover broke up with them, smiled few days latter. Nothing is so amazing as an ex seeing you look far better than when you were with him or her. The person will be like, wow” is this for real? And the person will definitely have this feeling of coming back to you. Trust me, it’s working perfectly more especially when you accompany the pictures with a very nice caption stating how grateful you are. While you have something else in mind. So I will advice you to go to the nearest studio and take sweet selfie that will make your ex go mad over you.

2. Don’t post silly things on social media: I always advice people to make social media a business zone and a fun site. Don’t post silly things referring to your ex, if truly you want to get your ex back. Even if you don’t want to, it doesn’t make sense at all. And I think ladies are good in doing this, when you brake up with a guy you will start posting things like.

  1. F**k those who think I can’t do without them.
  2. I hate that son of a beach etc.

My dear it doesn’t make sense at all, so make him or her think that you are living large even without the person. While you are indirectly looking for means to get him or her back to you.

3. Apologize to the person: I know this may sound bad, because you aren’t expecting me to say this. But my dear, don’t let pride ruin your happiness. Sometimes it doesn’t matter who wronged each other, you just say I’m sorry and let things go.


Don’t play with what a lot of people are seriously searching for. For you to calm down and read these 3 smart ways to get your ex back, definitely you love him/her. And you want your ex back in your life, so if you try the step one and two and it didn’t work. Sweetheart go straight and apologize to the person, it doesn’t matter” what matters most is that you have your ex back. And you are happy.

But if you think you need someone to help you, I can do that you. Just email me and I will render you the services for free.

7 Tips To Win Him Over The Other Woman

Definitely you love him and wouldn’t want to lose him to another woman. Or probably you are looking for means to win his heart over another woman who might be rolling with him now. Don’t panic, we got you covered. Today, I’m going to show you my 7 tips to win him over another woman and make him yours alone.

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A lot of women are playing with their intelligence, what do I mean by this? Yes, most ladies are more concerned about their career. They hardly have time to read stuffs like this, get new love tips that will help them build their relationships. And also get the kind of man they want in their life.

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They don’t care to know the trending sex positions to satisfy and make their man happy. They don’t also care to know the latest romantic words to tell their man to make him feel on top of the world. 

Probably when issues rise they will start searching for means and how to win him over the other woman, which may or may not be too late. Don’t expect your man to Impress you all the time, you have to do that in return too.


There is no magic to getting your man under your control, hell no. The secret behind it, is knowing the love tips and putting it into practice. When you know what it takes to satisfy and make your man happy, trust me he’s all yours.

Let me make this obvious to you” there are thousands of ladies out there who are hundred percent willing to go extra mile to have what you are playing with. Don’t give anyone space, okay.? Let me go ahead and disclose these tricks to you” read carefully.

7 Tips To Win Him Over The Other Woman


1. Give him attention: Here is were my previous write up fall in. When you are more concerned about career, another woman will definitely give him attention. And you will turn out to be a loser, trust me” getting his attention back may be very difficult. So if you want to win him over the other woman, then give him attention. Show him how much you love and care about him, then watch him terminate keeping in touch with the other woman.

2. Dress sexy whenever you are with him: This is another trick to make him go mad over you. Sometimes I do ask some ladies what they actually want from their man? Haven’t you witness how guys are crushing on girls with sexy dress on social media? The kind of likes and comments they get. My dear, most guys are attracted with what they see. So, don’t be deceive, I’m not saying that you should go naked. Rather, go on a sexy dress when ever you are with him, look sweet and amazing.

3. Respect him: Respecting a man is another way of winning his heart. Don’t invade in his privacy. Ensure that you give him that respect he deserve, if you can give him attention, look so sweet, and respect him” what makes you think you can’t win him over the other woman? Well I’m not saying it’s all you can do to win his heart. Continue to see more.

4. Give him good s3x: this may sound somehow, because I mentioned sex. But that’s the first thing I should have talk about. It’s obvious men don’t joke with s3x, yes” they don’t joke with it. If you want to win 99% of guys heart over another woman, then give them good sex. Trust me, if you do them very well in bed” they will never let you go. So if you are really looking for tips to win him over another woman, then consider using this trick and get him under your control instantly.

Though there are many more trick, but the ones listed about is the best and easiest means to achieve this.

How To Toast A Girl On Facebook

It is very easy to toast a girl on Facebook, than to meet her face to face and toast her. Though to some guys, it’s still a big deal. But with these great tricks you can easily learn how to toast a girl on Facebook and win her love instantly.

Irrespective of her caliber, you can easily win her love when you know what it takes to go. I always say this, when it comes to winning someone’s love, you have to start with figuring out what they like doing.

First of all you need to know how to impress a girl, so that when you toast her, she won’t hesitate to say “yes” to you. Because the impression you give to her, is what determines her actions towards you. So, you have to impress her first on Facebook, before toasting her.


Now without wasting any of your time, I’m going to show you how you can easily toast a girl on Facebook and she will accept to date you instantly.

How To Toast A Girl On Facebook” Easy Tricks To Follow


1. Start a conversion with: First of all, you have to start sending her text messages on messenger. Example..

  • Hi baby,
  • How are you doing?
  • How was your day? Etc.

Don’t send all of them at the same time, wait let her reply the first” before sending another one okay? Even if it took her days to reply you, you have to calm down and win her heart first.

2. React love and comment on her pictures: Always react love and drop a lovely comment on her post, more especially pictures. It is obvious that most girl can go extra mile to get love reactions and nice comment on their Facebook post. Now to toast a girl on Facebook and make her accept you, you have to use this trick too.

3. Post nice pictures of yourself: Try to post pictures of yourself that’s gonna make her crush on you. You can achieve this by editing the pictures with Photoshop, and make it look nice.

Girls don’t joke with fine & neat guys, so try and make your Facebook pictures fine. She will definitely accept you when you toast her.

4. Tell her how beautiful she looks during a conversion: She will be very happy to hear that from you okay? Girls love guys who admire them so much. So, admiring her is part of toasting a girl on Facebook, because that’s the best way to win her heart. Example;

  1. Tell her how good she look on her dress, that’s in a picture she posted. But this should be said on messenger, during a chat.
  2. How beautiful and sexy she looks.
  3. That she is the most beautiful girl you have ever set your eyes on, etc.

5. Tell her sweet things during a chat on messenger: A lot of girls are carried away by sweet words. And that’s the best way to toast a girl on Facebook and wine her heart, saying sweet things to her, calling her sweet names. Example, Sweetheart, Angel, Honey, my Queen etc.

With these tricks, you don’t need to continue the research on how to toast a girl on Facebook. Just follow the steps as shown above and see how fast it will work for you.

Are you looking for how to toast a girl on Facebook and win her love? Here is the smart tips to toast any girl on Facebook and she will accept to date you.

4 Easy Ways To Get Over A Breakup

Have you been searching for means to get over your past, after breaking with your ex? Don’t worry with there 7 easy ways to get over there a breakup, you will get over him/her instantly. All you need to do right now is to calm down and read these easy tricks very well. After that, use the method stated here and you will get over a breakup insanely.

Getting over your crush you love so much is pretty hard though, but we can help you do that. To get over a breakup fast, there are steps you have to follow to achieve this. And I will be listing them here and now.

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When you breakup with someone you love so much, you have to be strong. A lot of people are committing suicide because their crush broke up with them. Which I think it’s stupidity, how can you kill yourself when there is someone out there who is ready to make you happy for the rest of your life.

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It is not wise at all, all you should do is to move on with your life regardless of what you have lost. Let me not go further, below are the best steps and how to get over a breakup fast, without hurting yourself.

4 Easy Ways To Get Over A Breakup


1. Distance yourself from the person; Here is the first thing you should do when you breakup with someone that you love so much. Just give the person a mile, I’m not trying to say that you should relocate from were you live. No” all you have to do is to stop communicating with the person. Stop seeing him/her, out of the eyes is out of the mind. The moment you not seeing the person, you will definitely stop thinking about the person too.

2. Keep yourself busy for the moment: Don’t lockup yourself inside thinking of how much you miss him/her. Get yourself something doing to get rid off the though. Hangout with friends and and make yourself happy. The thought can’t bring the person back, just move on with your life and let the past go.

3. Allow time to heal: You can’t possibly breakup with someone you love today and expect to get over the the breakup tomorrow. No” it’s not done that way, expect you don’t love the the person at the first place. As for someone you love so much? Time will heal the pains, just calm down ” with time you will forget everything about the person. As long as you aren’t keeping in touch with the person.

4. Be strong and don’t let the past ruin your future: Yes” being strong is one good favour you will do for yourself. Don’t start acting strange because someone broke your heart, it might be a way of pushing you to the right person. If you are strong enough to go into a relationship, you have to be strong enough to get over a breakup okay? You should know that the person is not meant for you.


So, this is the best steps you can easily follow to get over a breakup fast and move on with your life. All you need to do right now is to apply these 4 easy ways to get over a breakup, and see how fast you will get over your ex. If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask the adim, using the comment section below. And share this to your friends.

6 Perfect Ways To Impress Your Boyfriend

Obviously you love him so much and you can’t afford to lose him to another girl. That’s why you are looking for means to impress him and make him love you more. But guess what? With these 6 perfect ways to impress your boyfriend, he is your forever. So, don’t worry anymore, we are going to show you the things to do, so as to impress him and make him love you deeply, and always stand by you.

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Impressing your boyfriend is very easy, if you know the things he like so much and appreciate. At least you should know what your boyfriend likes. Though some guys are so complicated to understand, but we will be listing things that can impress any guy here.

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So calm down and read it very well, you will be surprise on his behaviors and how his attitude will change for good. That’s if you follow the methods we are about to list now. Definitely he will be impressed, and he will love you more. Give it a try today and see how it works. Read below.

6 Perfect ways To Impress Your Boyfriend


1. Don’t cheat on him;  the first thing you should do to impress your boyfriend is not to cheat on him. Yes, don’t cheat on him with another guy. Your boyfriend will be super proud of you, if he find out that you are really faithful to him. He will definitely be impress, and this will make him love you more. Not just that, he will also be super proud of you.

So, to impress your boyfriend, do not cheat on him. Be a faithful girlfriend and be proud of him okay? Good.

2. Care for him: Always care for your boyfriend, call and text him on phone to know how his doing. This will make him feel so loved and impress, don’t expect him to be doing the calling all the time. Call him on phone when he haven’t call, send him sweet text messages to tell him you care so much about him.

3. Make Sweet love to him: I’m not trying to lure you into having s3x with him. That’s if you guys are already in to it. But the truth remains that most guys can’t date you without making love to you. So, if you guys are into it, do make him feel like a man okay? Because that’s another means you can impress your boyfriend.

4. Always dress very well and look good: Your boyfriend will be impress to see you looking so beautiful and sweet. He won’t even hesitate to introduce you to his family & friends. Don’t be a dirty girl if you really want to impress him. Unless you want another woman to snatch him from you. So, always look good and your boyfriend will be there for you.

5. Don’t keep a lot of male friends: It may sound odd, but it has ruin a lot of relationships. When your boyfriend loves you wholeheartedly, he will be jealous to see other guys near you. But come to think of it the other way round, won’t you be jealous to see girls around your boyfriend all the time?

Try and keep less of male friends, so that your boyfriend will be impress, and proud of you.

6. Don’t invade into his privacy; A lot of girls are good at checking their boyfriends chats, text messages and phone contacts. It is very wrong dear, don’t do it, don’t invade into his privacy okay? Give him some space to feel comfortable.

Doing this can only make him feel insecure around you. Thereby making him to feel that you don’t trust him.


Don’t forget to always sent Love quotes for him, it makes them happy and impress them too. I believe after reading the 6 perfect ways to impress your boyfriend, you learnt something new and willing to use these tricks to impress him and make him love you more.

In as much as  you are trying to impress him, always note that he’s a human not Good. Don’t downgrade yourself, all in the name of impressing a man. Just have it at the back of your mind, that you really have to impress yourself first.

5 Best Ways To Impress Your Crush

Probably you have been crushing on someone and you are looking for means to impress the person and make him / her yours. But don’t panic, here is the 5 best ways to impress your crush. Just calm down and read this very well. Then trust me, that your crush you are looking for means to impress, will start looking for means to impress you too.

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Without wasting any of your time, I will go straight to the point. Which is telling you how to impress a crush and make the person yours.

But before that I want you to understand that there are so many easy ways you can impress a crush and even make him/her love you deeply. Without even telling the person that you are crushing on him/her.

All you need to so right now is to follow the steps as listed below. Then come back and tell us how it worked for you.

5 Best Ways To Impress Your Crush


1. Make the person your friend; There is possibility of you crushing on someone you haven’t spoken to before. So, if the person you are crushing on is not actually your close friend, then try to make him/her your close friend. Because there is no way you can impress someone who’s not your friend, or someone you haven’t spoken to before. But if you guys are friends, then make the friendship closer. But don’t push it too fast, just make it a gradual process.

2. Care about the person: To achieve this, you have to care about the person. How he/she is doing, you can so this by phone calls or text messages. Then your crush will be glad and impress you care abut him/her. With time, the person will start calling and texting you when you haven’t call or message either.

But don’t call the person you are crushing on often, e.g morning, afternoon and evening. No, don’t do it that way, make it look professional. If you care too much, the person might be feed up with you, if you guys are not dating yet.

3. Always look neat and fresh: Looking neat and fresh is one of the best steps you can follow to impress a crush. Be it a he or she, people are attracted with what they see. If you are looking and smelling fresh, your crush will definitely be impress. So don’t be a dirty type, more especially when you are looking for how to impress a crush and win his/heart. Go extra mile to look fabulous for the your crush.

4. Make good friends: You don’t want your crush to see you as a bad person, do you? If “NO”, then you have to try and associate with good friends. So that your crush will see you as good person too, and also see reasons to start crushing on you too.

5. You need to have self confidence: As I said earlier, don’t push it too fast and hard. Your crush will definitely be impress if you do the things listed above. Don’t go extra mile force the person  love to love you. Irrespective of what we listed above, if their are other things you discovered that will impress him or her” then you go ahead and do it.

With these 5 best ways to impress your crush, I believe you can actually achieve your goal. All you really need is to have self confidence.

5 Smart Ways To Ask A Girl Out

Here is the 5 smart ways to ask a girl out and she will accept to date you instantly. Probably you are a shy type or you wouldn’t even know what or how to tell her that you are crushing on her. But don’t worry, I got your back. I’m going to show you  how you can easily ask a girl out and win her heart.

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Now, before you think of asking a girl out, and she will accept to date you instantly. You have to first of all think of how to impress her. And make her believe that you are for real. You can’t possibly meet a girl you barely know and start asking her out.

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It doesn’t make sense, and she won’t accept to date you instantly, until she get to know few things about you. And the impression you gave to her will determine if she will accept to date you.

Without wasting any of your time I’m going straight to the point. With examples” I will show you how you can easily ask any girl out and she will accept to date you instantly.

5 Smart Ways To Ask A Girl Out

1. Make her your close friend: Just start by making her your close friend. Don’t rush her, because if you do” she might have this feeling that you want to use and dump her. Start by making her your close friend if both of you are not close friends already.

2. Impress her with good attitude; Just as I said earlier, before you think of how to ask a girl out. You and to first of all think of how to impress her so that she can easily accept you. Now, when you make her your close friend. Impress her with good attitude, trust me” you don’t even need to ask her out. She will start showing you love signals and you will be surprise about it.

3. Tell her how you feel about about her; There are no further explanations to this. Just take her out for a lunch, in a very nice restaurant and tell her how you feel about her. With the impression you have shown her so far, she won’t hesitate to say yes to you.

It is as easy, as whatever you can say it’s the easiest thing so far. Now here is how you can say it during the lunch.

Let’s assume her name is Sophia, just start the conversation like this.

Beginners Examples


  1. Sophia, I have been looking forward to a special day like this, to tell you how much I love you. And how I feel about you.
  2. The more I try to let go of this feelings is the more I see myself loving you more.
  3. I can’t love you less, you’re irresistible and irreplaceable.
  4. I love you with all my heart, that I can’t afford to lose you in my life.
  5. You are like a sunshine, you brighten my world with your beauty and I will love you for the rest of my life.
  6. Please don’t say no to me, I can’t afford to hear that.
  7. Be my girlfriend please?

Then see her reaction, but before this” make sure both of you have known each other for a while. So that she can accept immediately, else she might tell you that she want to think about it.

With these 5 smart ways to ask a girl out, I believe you can easily ask any girl out. Also with the examples of words provided, you know words you can say to her. Tell us what you think about it via the comment section below.


5 Perfect Ways To Impress A Girl

Are your searching for means to impress your girlfriend or anyother girl out there? If “yes” then you just arrived at the right site, here is the top 5 Perfect Ways to impress a girl. Trust me, with these amazing tricks you can easily make any girl yours. A lot of guys are finding it very difficult to dictate what a girl really want and how they can easily impress her.

For you to impress a girl and make her feel on top of the world is very easy. More especially when you figure out what she like most. There are so many ways to impress a girl, though it depends on her character. What impress me might not impress her, understanding the kind of girl you want to impress is the first step to achieve this.

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Now, you have to first of all understand her likes, and dislike. When you achieve this, you then apply these methods listed below and you will see how she’s gonna feel loved and special.

Without wasting any of your time, I will be listing the best and easiest steps to follow to impress a girl and make her fall inlove with everything about you.

5 Perfect Ways To Impress A Girl

1. Talk to her in a polite manner:  If you want to impress a girl, you have to address her in a polite and respectful manner. This will make her feel so good about you. So, if you don’t know how to talk to a girl in a polite manner, you have to learn now.

Girls easily fall inlove with guys who talk to them in a polite manner. To achieve this, you really have to learn how talk to them in a polite manner

2. Learn how to dress very well; Some people will say, the way you dress is the way you will be address. You can’t be looking like a mad man and expect to impress a girl, hell no” she won’t be impress.

  • Now, go get yourself  fine clothes (if you don’t have)
  • Learn how to wear clothes that complement with each other, (if you don’t know how to)
  • Buy yourself perfume with nice fragrance. &
  • Dress very well, to get her attention.

When you wear nice dress, smell good and say hi to her” what makes you think she won’t be impress? Nothing, definitely she will smile and respond to you instantly.

3. Call her sweet names: I keep saying it here, girls are very easy to get & impress. With the impression you give to her, you don’t even need to ask her out . She will start showing you love signal. Now to impress a girl, do call her sweet names that will boost her brain. Example;   sweetheart, honey pie, sugar love, beauty, angel etc. So, when you want to talk to her” just address her like this…

When addressing her

  1. Hi my beautiful angel, how are you doing ?
  2. Honey, I hope you has a very nice day?
  3. Sweetheart, have you eaten?
  4. Baby you are very intelligent etc.

She’s gonna be like wow” like seriously? She won’t say it out though, but right inside her heart.

3. Surprise her with a birthday gift: Just try to find out her birthday date, and surprise her with an amazing gift. Trust me, she won’t sleep that night you gave her the gift.


She will be thinking about you all night, definitely she will be impress with it. Most girls are carried away with gifts, once you offer a gift to them” they will have this feelings of being loved.

4. Think very well before you talk: Don’t disclose everything about yourself in the name of trying to impress a girl. Make sure you think very well before saying anything to her. Self respect matters a lot.

5. Always take her out; if you really want to impress a girl, then you really have to take her out. At list once in a while make out time to hangout with her, in a very nice place. E.g, you can take her to the beach, cinema, live shows etc. Girls really love that so much.


Now that you have seen the 5 perfect ways to impress a girl. with examples that will help you get started. I want you to also have self confidence, don’t push it too hard. You have to first of all know the kind of girl she is, as stated earlier. And the things that can impress easily.

Try these steps now.