I’m glad your bridal shower is coming up, you are the wife-to-be, that’s good news, congratulations to you, or I’m I mistaking? Are you making this research for your sister or friend? Nevertheless, I’m going to show you my new bridal shower games that your guest will definitely enjoy.

The only thing that makes bridal shower party fun is playing amazing and fabulous games that’s gonna make your guest feel like not going back. And I got new games ideas here, that you will definitely love to play and your guest will enjoy it too.

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Last week my elder sister, Victoria, did her bridal shower party. Well, I had to come up with something new, exraordinary and amazing. Yes, I have already promised her, that her bridal shower games is gonna be fun. So, I sat down, took my pen, and I wrote down these amazing bridal shower games ideas that I’m about to share with you now.

New bridal shower games — Fun bridal games

And she was like wow! Like seriously? We really enjoyed it though, as her guest left with laughter. And that’s exactly how I want yours to be. Now without wasting any of your time, I’m going to share with you these new bridal shower games. Trust me, you will definitely love it, and your guest will love it too.

1. Cucumber games: this bridal shower games is very fun. Well, that was the first  game we played on my sister’s bridal shower party. And the game is wow. But to make more it fun, here is how and what we did that day, and I will suggest you add more spicy to yours.

My sister’s guest are few though, both male and female. So you choose your own partner to play cucumber games with. Then pick up a long cucumber, use your two legs and pass it to your playmate, while he/she pass it back to you. It’s gonna be done fast.

2. Breaking balloon games: We really broke a lot of  balloon on my sister’s bridal shower games. The game is so fun, now you have to choose another playmate, leaving the one you played cucumber game with. You pick up a🎈 balloon and break it on his/her body, while your playmate do the same to you.

Video; how to play cucumber and breaking balloon games.


I believe you have learnt how to play these funny bridal shower games? Now let’s see more amazing games.

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